Solar District Heating – Newsletter de mai 2013

L’équipe du projet européen Solar District Heating a publié sa newsletter de mai 2013. Retour sur la 1ère conférence sur les réseaux de chaleur solaire, création d’une nouvelle installation de 35000m², inauguration du « bunker de l’énergie » en Allemagne, nouveau guide SDH pour les outils de calcul, création d’un comité pour l’innovation dans les réseaux de chaleur en Italie et interview sur le financement des réseaux de chaleur solaires.

  • The first conference on Solar District Heating created great international interest

With 120 participants from 19 countries and many different backgrounds, the first Solar District Heating conference in Malmö, Sweden was a success. Presentations are available under the documents section of the SDH website.
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  • Construction started for a new 35 000 m² solar district heating plant in Denmark

What will (at least for a short period) be the world’s largest solar thermal plant for district heating is now being constructed in Dronninglund in Denmark.
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  • Inauguration of the Energy Bunker in Hamburg

After six years of planning and building, the Second World War bunker which will deliver district heat to a district of Hamburg thanks to a combination of solar thermal collectors, large heat storage and other environmentally friendly energies has been inaugurated in March 2013 for the International Building Exhibition IBA.
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  • New SDH Guideline on calculation tools available

The solar district heating guidelines provide technical and non-technical thematic information about the implementation process of solar district heating plants. A new factsheet describes available calculation tools that can be used during the preliminary investigations. All solar district heating guidelines are available to download here.
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  • Italian District Heating Association AIRU founded a new internal committee for innovation in district heating networks

The new committee called ‘Smart Cities’ aims at deepening innovation issues. AIRU members take part voluntarily into the committee, sharing experiences and know-how and investigating new technical opportunities.
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  • Financing of large-scale solar thermal plants

Josef Robert Straninger, Country Coordinator of the Competence Center Renewable Energies at UniCredit Leasing, answered to about the necessary steps for a successful financing of a large-scale solar thermal plant. The interview can be found here.

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