Royaume-Uni : lancement d’une étude sur le stockage de chaleur fatale

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The Energy Technology Institute (ETI) confirmed it would carry out the six month £140,000 waste heat storage project today. It will be led by consultants Buro Happold with input from Cambridge University, the British Geological Survey and IF Technology Group.

The project, which was first unveiled in January by the ETI, will examine the feasibility of capturing and using large quantities of waste heat from power stations and industrial processes and storing it in geological formations underground for use later in homes and offices for heat and hot water.

James Dickinson, project leader at Buro Happold, described the study as potentially « ground-breaking » because it could lead to the replacement of direct gas-fired heating in the UK.

« Using waste from power stations for new or existing district heating systems and using the ground as a seasonal heat store would be a paradigm shift in low grade heat provision in the UK, » he said.

(via Euroheat&Power @Twitter)



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